To us here at 18|8 Redmond, style is everything. And while we can help you perfect your haircut, beard, and skin here with our expert salon services, what you wear is a huge part of your overall look – and sadly, we can’t dress you here at 18|8. That said, we can at least keep you informed on what’s going on with the latest trends – so here are some big style trends to guide your wardrobe choices mind this winter.

Keep It Loose

Shapes are softening this season, so don’t be afraid to go for oversized coats and roomier pants. You can mirror this aesthetic with a bit of give in your hairstyle – if you normally keep things clean cut, try experimenting with a bit of mess in your do.

Layered Knits

Winter is the perfect excuse to wear a sweater, and it looks like this season, you’re entitled to as many sweaters as you can fit on. Layered knits are in this season, so we’d recommend picking up a couple thin, fitted sweaters to wear under your bulkier knits. If your style is cleaner cut and you’re not looking to try some sloppiness in your haircut, a layered knit look is perfect for classic, buttoned-up hairstyles.

It’s Ok – Be a Square

Patterns are reigning king right now, but it seems that the emperor of all is squares and checkers. Whether big, bold, and colorful or subtle and reserved, you can’t go wrong with some squares in your wardrobe.

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