The Importance of a Men’s Facial

With our comprehensive selection of services that we at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons in Redmond offer, we’re sure to fulfill all of your men’s grooming needs. Amongst these many expert services that we supply, we’re also proud to provide men’s facials. Now, it’s possible that you may be thinking that facials are only supposed to be meant for women, but the truth is that facials can actually be more important to men than they are to women. Don’t miss out on all these vital benefits that a men’s facial can provide for you.


It’ll Give You a Smoother Shave

Even if you don’t shave that often, it’ll still cause your face to be irritated when you do so. Your skin may become inflamed and you might even suffer from razor burn. When you get a men’s facial, it will soothe this irritated skin and help heal any other of these side effects caused by shaving. It’ll also make your skin much smoother, which will improve your future shaves.

Men’s Skin Produces More Oil

Because men have much higher testosterone levels than women, they’ll produce more oil on their skin, especially on their face. This can be detrimental because it won’t just make a man’s skin look greasy, but it can also clog the pores, leading to an increase in blackheads and pimples. At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons, our facials will remove this oil and dirt that can clog up your pores.

A Facial Can Relieve Stress

You may not want the ladies in your life to hear this, but men are generally more stressed out than women. Instead of letting all this stress and anxiety build up within, it’s always best to find a way to destress yourself. Enter our men’s facials! With the massage and muscle relaxation, you’ll get from our men’s facials, it’ll help you overcome any stress you’re feeling and leave you ready to take on all of your everyday challenges.

It Can Heal Sun Damage

One of the biggest differences between a man’s skin and a woman’s skin is that a man’s skin will have a much higher collagen density. Collagen density affects how a person’s skin will age; in some cases, it can make a man’s skin look up to 15 years younger than a woman’s skin of the same age! With that being said, this difference isn’t very noticeable since men don’t typically use sunscreen as often as women do. When you don’t apply sunscreen, the sun’s rays can negate this important benefit of increased collagen density and make a man’s skin appear much more aged than it should be. By getting a facial, you’ll be able to repair some of this sun damage that’s occurred over the years.


Visit Your Redmond Men’s Salon!

If you’re interested in experiencing all of these benefits of a men’s facial for yourself, we hope you’ll stop by and see us sometime! To schedule an appointment with us, feel free to either give us a call at (425) 880-9900 or fill out our simple online form. We can’t wait to see you and show you what you’ve been missing out on all this time!