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It’s easy to forget about skincare when you’re covered head-to-toe in winter gear. But spending time on the slopes skiing or snowboarding can lead to many problems with your skin, including intense sunburn and dry & cracked skin. If you’re planning on heading to Mt. Rainier or Crystal Mountain Resort or another ski or snowboard destination, it’s important to keep your skin protected. Here are some tips for taking good your skin care during winter activities.

Guard Against Sunburn

Skiers and snowboarders are highly susceptible to sunburn from being exposed to glaring white snow that can reflect over 75% of the sun’s UV rays. This is why it’s important to use a sunscreen with a high SPF that’s designed for athletic activity so it won’t sweat or rub off while you’re out having fun. Use the sunscreen liberally on your face, neck and ears and all other exposed areas.

Shield Your Hands

When it’s cold and windy, your hands can easily become chapped, cracked and painfully dry. Before you head out for a day of fun on the slopes, shield your hands from the elements using a non-greasy moisturizing hand cream. One application of a good quality hand cream will stay on the skin when you’re sweating for all-day protection.

Use a Moisturizing Body Cream

Cold and icy winds strip away moisture on the skin to leave it dry, cracked and itchy. Once you’re done on the slopes, take a warm (not hot) shower and then apply a good quality moisturizing cream to your skin. Look for a cream that contains glycerin as this skin-repairing ingredient puts lost moisture back into the skin. This type of skin cream can also prevent moisture loss by forming a barrier on the skin.

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