At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons, our mission is to help the men of Redmond, WA look their absolute best through world-class grooming and barbershop services. But beyond offering haircuts and other grooming treatments, we strive to be a resource in all things related to style. If you’re a man that wears a beard you may think you’re off the hook from shaving. Even for the most robust beard, trimming is a necessity.


Why Trimming Your Beard Is a Necessity

That’s right, guys: even if you want to grow a foot-long beard, you’ll still need to trim it occasionally. Trimming your beard is the only way to ensure an even, consistent, good-looking growth, giving you the rugged appeal and sleek style of a beard at its best. Keep in mind, though, that trimming doesn’t mean cutting off much – in fact, you should only trim about an eighth to a quarter inch each time, depending on your needs. When trimming, aim to cut back any split ends, even out places where hair is growing faster, and tighten up loose hairs.

Paradoxically, trimming your beard actually makes it look fuller, cleaner, and more defined. Trimming back loose ends will make the line of the beard sharper and make the beard itself look fuller, while cutting away split ends will keep everything looking neat. Defining the beard through trimming can also help bring out your jawline. And finally, regularly trimming your beard ensures that it grows in thick and full over time, setting you up for a great-looking beard at every stage of growth.


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Trimming is a vital step to caring for your beard and ensuring you look your best – and if you really want a well-trimmed beard, we can help. Book an appointment online today to schedule a professional beard trim at our Redmond barbershop. We’ll fine-tune your beard to accentuate your best features, and if you combine your treatment with an Executive Style Haircut, we’ll have you looking like a brand new man when you walk out of our doors. Ready to take your style to the next level? Schedule an appointment today!