At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons, our mission is to help the men of Redmond, WA look their absolute best, every single day. One of our favorite ways to do that is with our undeniably classic Straight Razor Shave, which brings a timeless barbershop experience into the 21st century. We understand that sometimes, you just want to get a good shave in at home before you head out for the day. If you’ve been wondering why your at-home shaves just aren’t making the cut, it might have something to do with these common shaving mistakes.

Under (Too Much) Pressure

Feeling a little tense? One of the biggest issues men have with shaving is using too much pressure. Many guys will press down hard with the razor in the hopes of getting a closer shave, but this has the opposite effect. The added pressure creates dimples in the skin, causing an uneven surface and an uneven shave. Instead, use a light touch for best results.

Trimming Too Far

Another big problem guys run into is defining their sideburns. Many men have the instinct to shave the sideburns up to the top of the ear – but this leaves nothing to connect your hair to your face! Instead, shave your sideburns up to about the middle of your ear, then stop. Your haircut will look much more natural.

Forgetting the Neck

“Wow dude, nice neckbeard” – said no one ever. When you’re shaving, don’t forget to thoroughly shave your neck. Most guys have hair growing farther down their neck than they realize – it’s quite common for men to have thick hair at or below the Adam’s apple. Make sure to shave it all the way down, as nobody likes a dark crop of hair on the lower neck.

Riding the Neckline Too High

If you’re trimming a beard instead of shaving clean, you’re not exempt from poor shaving etiquette. Many guys shave their neck up to the jawline, but this makes the beard look off balance. Instead, trace a line with your finger that follows the curve of your ear down to the angle where the back of your chin meets your throat – that’s where you want to define your neckline.

Forgetting the Last Step

So, you finished up your shave and washed off the shaving cream – and you’re done, right? Hold that thought! It’s crucial that you give yourself a thorough once-over before putting away your razor. Shaving cream helps lubricate your shave, but it also makes it impossible to see what you’re doing. Make sure to check for any stray patches you missed and clean them up before finishing. This will prevent the awkwardness of having a tiny patch of hair in a sea of clean-shaven skin.

H2: Schedule a Professional Shave with Your Redmond Barbershop
Of course, for the absolute best shaving experience and result, nothing beats a professional shave – and at 18|8, we’re pros in the truest sense of the word. Our undeniably classic Straight Razor Shave is designed to feel incredible and leave you with a world-class shave. Ready to see what that feels like? Schedule yours online today!