How to Style Your Beard

Barber Trimming A Man's BeardGone are the days when smooth faces were the rage. Today, the beard is in style in a big way. For those who are not used to having beards, it may be a bit of a challenge to know exactly what to do to make it look its best. At 18|8, we have some tricks up our sleeves and are happy to share them with our loyal clients.

Know Your End Goal

Like hairstyles, there are a potentially infinite amount of style options for beards. It is important that you know which style you would like before letting the beard grow free. A beard barber knows that a natural beard may look great on some men, but most need to give their beards a little help. Know your end goal before you start to get the best results.

Embrace the Trimmer

Styling a beard usually involves shaving the neck while trimming the cheeks and chin to varying degrees. When trimming the neck, you should only remove hair below the point where the neck meets the head. As a rule, only trim on surfaces that are parallel to the ground.

Only trim your cheeks if you want a lighter, shorter look. For this style, make sure you keep the trimming to areas above your cheekbone, or you may make the beard too thin and looking too primped.

There are beards for practically any style. Learning which one works for you is likely to take some trial and error, but you’ll likely have time to figure it out. The beard is back, and will probably be around for a while.