Common Misconceptions About Hair Loss

Did you know that 50% of men over the age of 50 develop some form of hair loss? Many people have believed in old superstitions about hair development, which the hair loss industry have taken advantage of by collecting around $3.5 billion in sales. In reality, most hair loss solutions are not that effective. Here are the common misconceptions and facts about hair loss.


Baldness Is Inherited From Your Mother’s Side

MYTH: There are around 200 genes that regulate hair and hair growth. The growth and loss of your hair is determined by genes from both sides of your family, and not just from your mother’s side. If your father has had a long history of hair loss and your mother has had no history of hair loss, you are still at risk of having this pattern.

Pulling Out A Grey Hair Will Make Three More Appear

MYTH: Repeatedly pulling out hairs from the same follicle can cause traction alopecia, where plucking can damage the follicle to the point that it no longer produces hair. Therefore, pulling out grey hairs won’t make more grow back.

Rogaine (Minoxidil) Works

FACT: Rogaine or minoxidil is a foam or lotion that makes the hair follicles bigger and stimulates hair growth. It is proven to be effective for about 30-50% of men who try it and unlike most medications, Rogaine does not have many side effects. In order to get results, you will need to apply the treatment twice a day, every day.

Wearing Hats Will Make You Bald

MYTH: This is a common misconception that people have about hats related to baldness. The only way for this to happen is for the hat to be on your scalp so tight that it would be extremely difficult and uncomfortable to wear. The hat would have to be pulling out your hair constantly in order for it to cause any permanent hair loss.

You Can’t Grow Back Dead Follicles

FACT: Some medications or laser therapy can help grow thicker and healthier hair; however, once the hair follicle is dead, there is no way for it to come back. The only option for regrowth is to get a hair transplant.

Over-Shampooing Can Make You Lose Hair

MYTH: When you shampoo or brush your hair, it is normal to experience some shedding. Hair follicles that are shed are replaced by other hair follicles over the course of their life span. Every day, we lose around 100-200 hair follicles that are grown back during the cycle of the growth phase.

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