What Does Hair Color Do to Your Hair?

18|8 Redmond aims to be your premier choice when it comes to all your men’s grooming services, from haircuts to hair coloring, in the Redmond and Bellevue, WA areas. Our expert stylists at our men’s salon are fully trained when it comes to the art of hair coloring so we’re always equipped to give you the style that absolutely fits you. While you’re familiar with what hair coloring does, you may not know how it exactly works. We’d like to take this opportunity to give you a peek as to how hair coloring takes effect.

The Ammonia in Hair Dye Lifts Up Your Hair’s Cuticles

Contrary to some people’s beliefs, hair dye doesn’t work by just flowing over a person’s hair and staining it with a new color. Hair has a natural barrier, the cuticle, that the hair dye has to break through first in order for the coloring to work. The ammonia in hair dye actually lifts up the hair’s cuticles so that the rest of the process can continue.

The Peroxide Strips Away Your Current Hair Color

After the natural barrier of the hair has been broken through, the hair coloring can then be changed. Peroxide (or bleach) is used to strip away your current hair color. It bleaches out your hair’s color and makes it colorless to create room for the new color pigment.

The New Color Pigment is Deposited

When room has been made for the new color pigment, the last step can begin. The new color pigment will come in and bond to your hair. The chemicals in hair coloring start out small, but they will quickly react with each other to create molecules that are big enough so that the coloring can’t be washed out or removed naturally.

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