As much as I’d like to channel my inner Cassanova and provide you with the prefect manuscript on what women want in men, the truth simply is, no one truly knows what women want.

However, I have compiled a short list of pointers I think will be very useful when meeting women. I can’t guarantee you will automatically become every woman’s’ want and aspiration, however it would not hurt to try would it?

  1. Confidence: Every woman at some point in her life has dreamt of meeting that one guy who walks up to her and blows her away with a perfect blend of looks and charisma all the while deeply staring into her eyes.
  2. Attention: If she is not the center of your world, she may as well be out of it.
  3. Good sense of style: Women love fashion and greatly appreciate guys who take some time to look good. A great sense of style mixed with a tad of confidence is simply irresistible.
  4. Humor: If you’re looking for love, make her laugh. Women are instinctively drawn to guys who they find funny, you want to be that guy.
  5. Always listen: Women are emotional talkers. A woman that is attracted to you will definitely “bore” you with her predictable daily runabouts, notwithstanding, always sit and listen. If possible chip in a little & make it a discussion.

There you go, my top five picks on what women want. This list could go on endlessly or it could literally be empty because in reality, even women don’t know what they want.

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