First, we must establish exactly what is a manly drink? That really depends on the situation and location. For example, you may think a martini is always manly! WRONG, try ordering one in a biker bar in Covington & see what kind of looks you get from the locals. The truth is that in some places, the only thing a man drinks is a shot or a beer…but here are some other ideas to try if you feel manly.   If the locals don’t like it, at least you will feel 10 foot tall and bulletproof.

  1. Old Fashioned – A simple whiskey drink that is strong, but not too strong & sweet, but not too sweet. The perfect classic drink for a summer night out.
  2. Whiskey Sour – The name says it all. Whiskey-based, with a good amount of lemon juice. You can pull this off, just pass on the fruit garnish
  3. Manhattan – The Manhattan is meant to slowly sip and take in the flavors of whiskey, sweet vermouth bitters, all with a cherry on top. If the martini glass scares you, order it on the rocks.
  4. Rusty Nail – You won’t find a drink with a manlier name. It’s made of 2 simple ingredients that pair perfectly. Even if you don’t like it, you sound amazing ordering it!
  5. The Godfather – This drink is certainly not for wimp’s…order one and channel your inner Marlon Brando.

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