Graduation is an exciting milestone to celebrate, and as the scholar in your family set to receive his diploma, he deserves all the congratulations you can offer. Graduation is a huge milestone in every teen’s life, and if he’s about to wear that cap and gown to receive his diploma, he deserves a celebration. Whether he’s on to college or ready to travel the world, you need to find the perfect gift to congratulate him on his accomplishment and help him transition into his next phase of life. Here is a list of the perfect graduation gifts for high school boys:

  1. Laptops

Laptops are one of the most popular and useful gifts for graduating teens. Some college bookstores have deals that come with tech support but, before you make a final decision, see what student discounts you can get from Apple, Microsoft, and Best Buy. When shopping for laptops, or other items from national retailers, parents should be aware that they can generally use college student discounts even if their student does not yet have a college ID card. Retailers often ask for a college email address that many schools issue over the summer, and some will give discounts with a college acceptance letter.

  1. Watch

This is a standard gift, but you can make it trendy by getting him a classic, affordable, wear-with-anything Timex watch. The leather strap and dark green face give it a timeless look that transcends trends.

  1. Camera

This retro-cool graduation gift will allow them to capture amazing moments and share them with friends. The Instax Mini 9 Camera is tricked-out with a selfie mirror, LED-lit flash, and an automatic exposure measurement, so even nighttime shots won’t come out too dark.

  1. 18/8 Grooming 

Scrapping the teen stubble is a fundamental part of becoming a man, and to do that, you need the proper tools to get that nice, close shave. Keep his scruff at bay while he’s away at college. This gift not only helps him get rid of the scruff itself, but also serves as a gentle reminder that he does still need to groom, even when he’s away at school.

The 18/8 Men’s Salon has been touted as one of the best Barbershop in Cincinnati because their grooming brand-turned subscription service offers up smartly packaged tools and competitive pricing. To start him off on the path to a smooth shave, gift your grad with the 18/8 grooming kit.