Men’s Summer Fashion 2018

Every season has its specific mark for exactly how you dress. Summer is a season to grip and have a good time with the extensive, tired sun-filled days. Summer and fashion styles doesn’t go hand in hand for men. To look attractive this summer season really seems impossible as being fashionable comes when the temperature [...]

Ways to Increase your Masculinity and Confidence

Grooming Good cleanliness coupled with styling forms another vital factor of filling your masculine and confidence value. Don't accept that any man is an exception to decent quality grooming. Irrespective of whether you are fascinating, ingenious, or you have an outstanding sense of cheerfulness, people won’t value all of that under a poor outlook and [...]

Graduation Gifts for Boys – Men

Graduation is an exciting milestone to celebrate, and as the scholar in your family set to receive his diploma, he deserves all the congratulations you can offer. Graduation is a huge milestone in every teen’s life, and if he’s about to wear that cap and gown to receive his diploma, he deserves a celebration. Whether [...]

Hair Loss Solutions in Cincinnati, OH

Are you pulling your hair out over the FC Cincinnati stadium situation, or the Cincinnati Reds horrible start to the season? Whether a man or woman, our hair is our crowning glory. Most of us take a lot of care to ensure that our hair shines, looks healthy as well groomed. Irrespective of how well [...]

The Best Men’s Haircuts for Spring

It’s been a long cold winter here in Cincinnati…and it’s understandable if you’ve let your fur grow out a bit. With that said, it’s nearly March and that means it could be 85 degrees in the next 2 weeks…or 2 degrees :) Let’s be positive and assume 85…Spring is a smart time to change up [...]

2018’s Style and Grooming Resolutions for Men

2017 was a fun ride for style and grooming lovers as they witnessed some of the best trends among men, ranging from hairstyles to boots. With each year, comes new resolutions…and now is the time to prepare for your 2018 style and grooming resolutions. At 18|8 Oakley OH our services are always here to help [...]

5 Manly Drinks To Order The Next Time You Are Out…NOT All At Once

First, we must establish exactly what is a manly drink? That really depends on the situation and location. For example, you may think a martini is always manly! WRONG, try ordering one in a biker bar in Covington & see what kind of looks you get from the locals. The truth is that in some [...]

5 Essential Summer Grooming Tips For Men

Summer 2017 is in full swing! Whether you are heading to the beach, or just heading out for the night…here are a few summer grooming tips to keep you looking and feeling great. 1.   Always Use Sunscreen Sunscreen is a must all year, but it’s a game changer as you spend more time outdoors in [...]

From “Honey Do” to Man Cave Makeover…Tips to DIY or Find the Right Contractor.

I’m told that some guys actually enjoy Home Improvement. I personally enjoyed the TV show with Tim the tool man Taylor, but that’s where my love of Home Improvement ends. With that said, stuff breaks and it isn’t going fix itself…so here is list of resources to help you out. If you’ve never heard of [...]

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