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Between the office, the home, and the stresses of personal life, you have enough to worry about without the nagging problems of dandruff or thinning hair. Truly, a great hairstyle is nothing without a great scalp – it takes a healthy scalp to supply hair with the moisture and nutrients it needs to look its best. And at 18|8 Oakley, our expert stylists offer a luxury scalp treatment that will revitalize your scalp, your hair, and your entire appearance.

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Whether you’re in a high-stakes board meeting or at happy hour with friends, the last thing you want is a rain of flakes every time you touch your hair or for more of your scalp to come through than you want. Thankfully, our ScalpMetics treatment uses natural, therapeutic ingredients to deliver powerful healing and moisturizing to the scalp, and we follow up the treatment with a specially-designed prescription to help you keep your hair and scalp healthier for longer. Our treatment soothes an irritated scalp, fights dandruff, and promotes healthy, normal follicle growth, helping to increase the fullness of your hair. But if you’re looking for the complete experience, just check out our ScalpMetics Package – it’s everything you need to revitalize your appearance:


20 min treatment- use of therapeutic ingredients with follow-up prescription)


  • Executive Style Haircut
  • Aromatic hot towel treatment
  • Neck and shoulder massage
  • ScalpMetics Treatment

Let’s face it, guys: it’s hard to look good. But at 18|8, we’re your partners in style. We’ve helped hundreds of men perfect their looks, and we’ll bring our expertise in style, fashion, and grooming to get you looking and feeling better than you ever have. No matter what your age, profession, or lifestyle, our scalp treatments will help you get your groove back.

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Don’t gamble with your confidence – let the experts get you back in the zone. Give us a call at (513) 342-5188 or book an appointment online today to schedule your own scalp treatment. We promise – you’ll walk out feeling better than ever, and everyone from the janitor to the cute girl in sales will notice.