For many men, their hair is the centerpiece of their unique look. A great haircut is a defining piece of style, and having one that matches your facial structure can be a huge boost to your overall aesthetic appeal. But no good thing lasts forever, and unfortunately, almost all men will have to deal with the reality of hair loss. Have no fear, though: with the right approach, any man can rock thinning hair. Here are our tips for making the most of hair loss.

Don’t Cover Up

When you first notice a bald spot creeping its way out from the center of your head, your first instinct will be to hide. It’s only natural – the hair loss feels like an attack, and most people will want to cover it up and pretend it isn’t happening. Our advice, though, is to avoid this instinctual response. Covering thinning hair with a hat or growing out the sides to try to comb over it will only accentuate the fact that you’re losing your hair, and the fact is someone who can own that confidently is going to come off way more attractive than someone trying to hide it and cover it up.

Keep It Short

Instead of going for the comb over, adjust your hairstyle to meet your hair. Longer hairstyles – like the ones needed for a comb over – tend to accentuate thinning hair, as the contrast is more obvious. Shorter styles, on the other hand, tend to minimize the appearance of thinning hair. Going for a short style like a Caesar is a great way to work with hair loss.

Be a Dapper Dan Man

As for the style, a light pomade – something like a clay – is great for thinning hair. It’ll reinforce the hair and provide a matte finish without a greasy appearance, and you can trust it to add the volume you need without showing off the thinning.

Consider A Scalp Treatment From Your Local Cincinnati Barbershop

A great hairstyle is nothing without a healthy scalp, which plays a big role in supplying your hair with the moisture and nutrients it needs.. Revitalize your scalp and hair with a scalp treatment from 18|8. Our ScalpMetics treatment uses natural, therapeutic ingredients to deliver powerful healing and moisturizing to the scalp. The treatment is followed up with a specially-designed prescription to help keep your hair and scalp healthy.

Contact Your Oakley, OH Barbershop

If you’re dealing with hair loss, we know it can be scary. But don’t worry: the experts at 18|8 are here to help. We have years of experience helping men of all ages create the perfect style to show off their look, and we’ll work with you to find the hairstyle that’ll make you look good in any situation. And we don’t just offer styling – coming soon, we’ll be offering a complete solution to thinning hair with our own hair loss treatment. Stay tuned for more updates on our new hair loss treatment, and in the meantime, feel free to book an appointment online at our Oakley, OH barbershop so we can fit you with a hairstyle that works no matter how much or little hair you have. We can’t wait to hear from you!