Are you pulling your hair out over the FC Cincinnati stadium situation, or the Cincinnati Reds horrible start to the season?

Whether a man or woman, our hair is our crowning glory. Most of us take a lot of care to ensure that our hair shines, looks healthy as well groomed. Irrespective of how well you care for your hair, you may end up losing it sooner than you would have liked. This is more evident in some young men, who should not have to worry about losing their hair. So let’s take a look at why we lose hair and what we can do about keeping it.

Each individual has a different chance of losing hair as we grow old. Our genetic predispositions, diet, stress level and hair care habits differ from one another and this can affect how we lose our hair. Hair loss is caused by a variety of factors. There is stress, hormonal imbalance, sickness and even some self-inflicted situations such as improper hair styles, treatments and products that can cause your scalp to be infected.

Most people think that hair loss is natural and that hair loss is something that they can remedy by taking vitamins for hair loss or some sort of medicine will cure them and make their hair grow back as normal. Studies have shown that most people refer to magnesium and vitamin b6 as vitamins for hair loss, because these vitamins promote the natural hair growth process in the body. However, the fact remains that even if you beef your body up with these vitamins, they could not be the particular vitamins for hair loss that your body needs in order to boost up the hair growth process.

For most people who begin to lose their hair early in life, they should combine treatment and lifestyle changes to make sure that they don’t completely lose their hair. To stop hair loss effectively, it would be wise to go see a solutionist or your hair stylist to ensure that this condition isn’t caused by an underlying condition.


How True Solutionist can help

Hair loss is something that many experience for whatever reason it may be. Visit the 18|8 Oakley Fine Men’s Salons in Cincinnati. There is a strong chance that a true solutionist will be able to help you battle your excessive hair loss. At 18|8 Oakley Fine Men’s Salons in Cincinnati, we discuss the main type of hair loss in men, what causes it, and how you can prevent it.  Our solutionist will ask you a lot of different questions about the medicines that you are taking, your current diet, any recent illness that you may have experienced as well as how you normally take care of your hair. Other questions may be asked depending on your gender, age and situation. The solutionist is also going to want perform a physical exam to find out if there are any other causes. Once they know the real cause for your excessive hair loss, they will figure out a plan to fight it.