Every day you’re style is getting better or worse…there is no staying the same.

Sure, every decent coach in the history of sports has used some version of this quote to motivate their team...but it’s true.  You only get one shot at life; you might as well wake up every morning and try to be better than yesterday’s version of you. You’re probably thinking….WTF, I thought I clicked on [...]

2017 Grooming Resolutions – Look and Feel Better Than Ever This Year

Make (and Keep) Your 2017 Grooming Resolutions Ninety-two percent of New Year's resolutions fail, according to Statistic Brain research.  Why?  Because eating right, exercising and saving money are hard!  We're here to help, because at 18|8, we aren’t just a barbershop. We are men’s grooming gurus. Personal Training Okay, we can help you look great, [...]

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then what in the world should we buy for men?

Amazing Gift Ideas That Will Keep Him Looking & Feeling Great The Entire Year Shopping for the men in your life during the busy Holiday season, and for pretty much any occasion throughout the year can be a challenge. We're here to help, because at 18|8, we aren’t just a barbershop. We are men’s style [...]

How to Deal with Hair Loss

For many men, their hair is the centerpiece of their unique look. A great haircut is a defining piece of style, and having one that matches your facial structure can be a huge boost to your overall aesthetic appeal. But no good thing lasts forever, and unfortunately, almost all men will have to deal with [...]

Skin Care Tips For Men

At 18|8 Oakley, we’re more than just a barbershop. We go above and beyond basic haircuts to give you an unforgettable barbershop experience. From manicures to straight shaves, we offer a variety of men’s grooming services as well. Consequently, we know that women aren’t the only ones who preoccupy themselves with skin care. Though men [...]

How to Choose the Right Razor

18|8 Oakley is proud to serve the Greater Cincinnati area with impeccable service and style as we’re here for all of your barbershop and men’s styling needs. While we provide straight shaves in our Oakley barbershop, it’s also important to be able to get a good shave when you’re at home as well. For your [...]

Top Cars and the Haircuts to Match

At 18|8 Oakley, we seek to go above and beyond what a men’s barbershop should be like for all those in the greater Cincinnati area. We’re not just barbers and stylists though; we’re consultants as well. Sometimes you don’t know what haircut you should get or what style you should go with. That’s okay; not [...]

Top 5 Men’s Haircuts for Spring 2016

At 18|8 Oakley, we are more than just your friendly neighborhood barbershop - we're your comprehensive style consultants. Sure, we go to the ends of the earth to find the best barbers in the business and train them with the best tools and techniques of the trade, but that would be meaningless if we didn't [...]

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