At 18|8 Oakley, we are more than just your friendly neighborhood barbershop – we’re your comprehensive style consultants. Sure, we go to the ends of the earth to find the best barbers in the business and train them with the best tools and techniques of the trade, but that would be meaningless if we didn’t understand the contextual factors of what makes a great haircut. We’ve been watching the trends in men’s haircuts for a while now, so here’s our guide to the top 5 haircuts of the coming season.

5 Haircuts for Getting Your Style Started in Spring

High Fade PompadourHigh Fade Pompadour

One thing is for sure – the Pompadour, the classic cut that’s been reigning supreme for coming on two years, isn’t going anywhere yet. We’re the coming season, we’re seeing it with higher, shorter fades and bigger, bolder tops.

High Fade with Long Top

A less buttoned-down variant on the classic pomp, a high faded cut with longer hair on top is also taking the front of the stage. Feel free to go a little messy on top with this one – it’ll further mark it as distinct from a straight pompadour.

High Lo FadesHigh Lo Fades

This is for those who are big, bold, and cutting edge with their style, but a high lo fade is certainly something to try this year. You can pair it with a classic medium pomp on top to undercut the risqué aspect – or go tousled for the full renegade look.

Bald Fades with Disconnected Beards

While the past few years have seen men rocking a halo of head and facial hair, we’re starting to see the disconnect come back in style for 2016. Don’t be afraid of a bald fade with some space between your hairline and beard.

High Bald Fade with Medium Hair

For a more dramatic, almost undercut-esque look, try taking a bald fade way high up the sides of the head with medium hair on top. It’s not quite a full-blown undercut, but it’s getting there.

Short-Medium Sides with Medium Top

Finally, it’s not entirely bald sides this season – you still shouldn’t be afraid of short or medium sides, with or without a fade. Pair it with a medium or long top so as not to overpower the length of the sides.

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