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A successful man is many things and well groomed is one of them. When we look at the successful men in the media they have the perfectly tailored suit, a crisp tie, leather shoes, and a great haircut. At 18|8 Oakley, we practically obsess over getting you to look better than you ever have before – but we know that for a busy guy like you, it’s not always something you have time to think about. Don’t worry, though, because we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re working in corporate America, starting up your own business, or any career in between, here are our top tips for keeping yourself clean and presentable both inside and outside of work. 

Haircut and Style 

Men today have become very style oriented and want a certain look.  We provide a customized haircut to give the right look for you. We carry a wide variety of men’s grooming products with superior styling abilities that not only complete your look but also make your hair smell great. Our members always receive 15% off all of our products to recreate the look at home.

Nose, Ears, and Eyebrows

These are oft-neglected details, but they’re of utmost importance. Unruly facial hair is much more noticeable than you might think and in addition to looking unkempt, stray hairs in these areas actually make you look older – after all, how many grandpas have you seen with long ear and nose hairs? The eyes are the widows to your soul as they say. Keep yours looking dashing with clean eyebrows. The uni-brow is not a look anyone should have. While trimmers can work, we’d recommend going for a nose, ear, and eyebrow waxing with every haircut at our 18|8 Men’s Salon. Trust us, it is not painful and the hair will be gone for twice as long as trimming. Plus the hairs will grow back thinner, and – in time – they’ll stop coming back altogether!

Clean Up Your Ears and Neck

Even if you’re not looking for a full-blown haircut, coming in for a monthly touch up is always a good idea – after all, the first parts of a haircut to go awry are neck hair and the hair above the ears. Thankfully, our barbershop has you covered: we offer free clean ups between haircuts for our members, and we only charge a small fee for non-members.

Soften Up Those Hands

If you think about it, you use your hands a lot. Nearly all day long you’re typing, shaking hands, sorting papers, driving, and all sorts of other tasks, and all this use can start to wear them down. And people around you notice your hands so keeping your hands clean, neat, and well moisturized can do wonders for your appearance. Thankfully a manicure from 18|8 is all you need to put them in perfect shape.

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Protect Your Scalp

For young men, hair loss may seem like light years away, but trust us: it’ll come faster than you think. And dandruff can make you feel less confident because it can be very noticeable, especially falling onto your suit or shirt. Gentleman, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Be sure to protect yourself by choosing a good moisturizing shampoo and get regular scalp treatments to fight off the decaying effects of age, exfoliate away dry skin and replenish lost moisture to your scalp. Our ScalpMetrics treatment is specially designed to fight both hair loss and dandruff – because after all, who wants to see white flakes all over your shoulders?

Posture Up, Boys

This is a small thing, but it makes a world of difference. The simple gesture of standing up straight not only makes you look more attractive, it signals to everyone in the room that you are confident and self-assured – and they’ll respect you more for that.

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