At 18|8 Oakley, we seek to go above and beyond what a men’s barbershop should be like for all those in the greater Cincinnati area. We’re not just barbers and stylists though; we’re consultants as well. Sometimes you don’t know what haircut you should get or what style you should go with. That’s okay; not everyone has a clear idea of what direction they should go. If you’re looking for suggestions, why not take after the personality of the car you drive? Here are five of the top cars and what haircut might suit you if you drive one of them.

Ford F-150 – High and Tight

A Ford F-150, much like most trucks, is generally thought of as a macho car. If you drive a Ford F-150 or another truck, the haircut that would most suit you is the high and tight. This haircut, characterized by the way it’s cut high and tight (usually shaved) on the sides and back of the head, is usually seen on members of the army and athletes. This haircut gives off the feeling of strength, just like the Ford F-150.

Lexus RX – Ivy League

Top Cars and the Haircuts to Match

The Lexus RX is known for being a luxury car for an intellectual or wealthy driver. With a sophisticated car, the perfect complement to it is a sophisticated haircut. The Ivy League cut was named for its popularity amongst men attending Ivy League colleges. It’s a very shortly cut style that’s parted and is known mainly for its neat and sleek look.

Toyota Camry – Crewcut

Year after year, the Toyota Camry is known for reliability and consistency. It may not offer many frills and may also be seen as a more vanilla car, but this car always gets the job done. Much like the Toyota Camry, the crewcut is a haircut that isn’t flashy and doesn’t attract the most attention, but it’s simple and always reliable.

Tesla Model S – Highlighted Haircut

Unlike the Toyota Camry, the Tesla Model S is all about flashiness and style. This car is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Much like the Tesla Model S, a highlighted haircut is sure to draw attention to yourself. If you’re looking for a flashy haircut to match a flashy car, you can’t go wrong with a highlighted haircut.

Toyota Prius – Undercut

The Toyota Prius is a car that has gained popularity by its usage amongst the crowd that tries to stay hip and trendy. The undercut is a haircut popular amongst this same crowd as well. It’s known for its tight or shaved sides and back that are taken up to just past the round part of the head. This is the perfect haircut for you if your main concern is to stay hip and popular by following all of the favorite trends.

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