The Best Comb For Your Hair

The Best Comb for Your Hair Whether you’re looking for a simple haircut or an entire men’s salon experience, 18|8 Keller strives to be your choice when you’re in search of a Keller, TX barbershop. We’re proud to serve as your full-time style consultants because we want you looking great at all times. When it [...]

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Why Men Need Facials Even More Than Women Do

18|8 Keller is proud to be your choice when you’re looking for a men’s salon around the areas of Keller and Westlake, TX. We’re not just a barbershop and hair salon, we’re your one-stop source for all your men’s grooming needs. Among our many services our expertly trained barbers offer, they’re also able to provide [...]

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How Office Life Affects Your Skin

How Office Life Affects Your Skin While you may not love your job, for most people it's just a fact of life. Every week, we spend 40 hours or more at a desk in a stuffy office so we can earn our paycheck and go enjoy our weekend. But it's not just your soul that [...]

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How To Care for Your Scalp

While every man knows he has to take good care of his hair by washing and conditioning it and trimming away split-ends, some men don’t realize that it’s just as important to take good care of their scalps. Our team of expert stylists and barbers have put together some helpful tips that can help you [...]

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Father’s Day Specials From 18|8 Keller

18|8 Keller strives to be not only your go-to stop when you’re looking for a barbershop in Keller, but also when you’re looking for something fun to do this Father’s Day. Is your dad tired of the same old Father’s Day gifts – ties and brunches? Why not give him something more exciting than a [...]

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How To Pick The Right Razor

Whether you sport a full beard or are confidently clean-shaven, using the right razor matters. With so many commercial options to choose from, however, the search for the perfect razor can be a difficult one. Fortunately, as your authentic Keller barbershop, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you choose the right blade for your [...]

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How Long To Wait Between Haircuts

What guy doesn't love getting a new haircut? Getting a fresh new cut not only makes you look your very best but it also gives you the feeling that you can take on any obstacle that stands in your way, regardless of how formidable it may be! Most men would love having their own personal [...]

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Ready for a New Look?

18|8 Keller Breaks Down Three Of the Most Popular Haircuts for Men If you're thinking of changing up your looks in the New Year by getting a new haircut, you may be wondering what cut to choose. As experts in men's haircuts in Keller, TX, the stylists at 18|8 have you covered. In this blog [...]

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