What guy doesn’t love getting a new haircut? Getting a fresh new cut not only makes you look your very best but it also gives you the feeling that you can take on any obstacle that stands in your way, regardless of how formidable it may be! Most men would love having their own personal stylist so they can always keep their haircut looking amazing by getting a trim every week or so. But, since most of us cannot afford to hire a personal barber, we have to put off seeing our barber until it’s time to go in for a needed trim.

So how long should you wait between haircuts anyway? Well, that all depends on how long or short you wear your hair and on what your particular style goals are.

Have Short Hair? See Your Stylist Every Month

Hair grows at an average rate of about half an inch per month. Even though that seems like very little, if you have a very short buzz cut wherein your hair length is only about ½ inch, in one month’s time your hair will be twice as long as it was since your last haircut. This means that your hair won’t look anything like it did when you first got it cut. So you will want to routinely cut your hair before a month passes if you are sporting a very short hairstyle.

Longer Locks Require Fewer Barbershop Visits

If you have a longer hairstyle, you can wait 3 weeks or longer before seeing your barber for a trim. This is because most people cannot tell the difference between an 8” and 8.5” haircut. However, just because your hair is long, doesn’t mean you can wait forever between haircuts. You should see your barber or stylists before eight weeks have passed to avoid problems like breakage and split ends and to keep your style looking fresh and even.

Ask Your Men’s Stylist to Be Sure

The best way to find out when you should get your next haircut is to ask your stylist when you go in for a new cut. Your stylist will also tell you how to best maintain your new haircut to keep it looking its best between trims. Then just book your next appointment while you’re there in the shop.

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