18|8 Keller is proud to be your choice when you’re looking for a men’s salon around the areas of Keller and Westlake, TX. We’re not just a barbershop and hair salon, we’re your one-stop source for all your men’s grooming needs. Among our many services our expertly trained barbers offer, they’re also able to provide facials. Many men have never received a facial and believe that it’s just for women. This is false. Facials are meant for men just as much as they are for women – and men actually need them more too! Here are a few reasons why a man’s skin needs facials more than a woman does.

You Need It for a Smoother Shave

No matter how often you shave, doing so will inevitably cause irritations on your face such as razor burn and inflammation. A facial won’t just soothe this irritated skin, but it will also address your shaving side effects to make your skin smoother. This will allow your future shaves to be smoother and also less painful.

Men’s Skin Produces More Oil

Men have higher testosterone levels than women, leading them to produce more oil on their skin. Oil won’t just make a man’s skin appear greasy, but it can also clog the skin’s pores which then lead to blackheads and pimples. When you come into 18|8 Keller for a facial, extractions will be performed. This essentially means that we’re removing the oil and dirt that happens to be clogging your pores.

It Can Help Heal Sun Damaged Skin

Another difference between men’s and women’s skin is that men’s skin has a much higher collagen density than women’s. Collagen density has a direct relationship to skin aging and it’s said that it makes a man’s skin appear up to 15 years younger than a woman’s skin of the same age. However, this difference isn’t that noticeable and much of it is because of one simple reason: men don’t use sunscreen as often as women do. Without proper protection, the sun’s UV rays can negate the benefit of the increased collagen density and make a man’s skin appear more aged. Facials can help repair some of this sun damage that may occur over time.

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