The Best Comb for Your Hair

Whether you’re looking for a simple haircut or an entire men’s salon experience, 18|8 Keller strives to be your choice when you’re in search of a Keller, TX barbershop. We’re proud to serve as your full-time style consultants because we want you looking great at all times. When it comes to looking your best though, sometimes something as simple as the comb you use can make a huge difference in your appearance. As your trusted style consultants, we’re here to help you decide what comb is best for you.

Wide Tooth Comb

Wide tooth combs are known for their thicker teeth. This makes it a perfect choice for those with thicker or curlier hair because the combs allow larger amounts of hair through. Also, if your hair is wet or tangled in any way (whether it’s from a shower or sleeping on it), you’ll want to go with a wide tooth comb to avoid tugging and pulling on your hair.

Fine Tooth Comb

Fine tooth combs are known for their thinner and closer together set of teeth. This is ideal for getting your hair perfectly straight. If you have straight hair, or want straight hair, this should be your comb of choice. A fine tooth comb may not be a good idea to use for those who have thicker, tangled, or wet hair – a fine tooth comb may sometimes pull out more hair than you’d prefer to lose! A trick you can actually use for thicker or tangled hair is to start off by brushing with a wide tooth comb and then switch to a fine tooth comb to give your hair a straighter and neater look.

Pocket Comb

The pocket comb is the Swiss Army knife of combs. Like the Swiss Army knife, this comb is small, travel-friendly, and serves multiple purposes. Most pocket combs will have one side with fine teeth and the other side with wide teeth. This makes it a perfect choice if you’re traveling, no matter what kind of hair you have.

Tail Comb

This comb is also unfortunately known as the ‘rat-tail comb.’ It gets its name because of its long, thin handle. This thin handle is actually used as a styling device to separate, straighten, and section the hair. Since this is essentially meant to be a styling comb, it’s best used for those with longer hair who want to try different hairstyles.

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