18|8 Keller Breaks Down Three Of the Most Popular Haircuts for Men

If you’re thinking of changing up your looks in the New Year by getting a new haircut, you may be wondering what cut to choose. As experts in men’s haircuts in Keller, TX, the stylists at 18|8 have you covered. In this blog we’re going to break down three of the most popular haircuts this year that have been the most requested across America in barbershops and men’s styling salons alike.

The Fade

The fade is a clean and professional-looking men’s haircut that is longer on the top and fades into a short cut around the sides and back. The great thing about the fade is that it can be worn by men with both short and long hair, making it a very versatile haircut. You can wear your hair longer on the top for a slick look or short if you want to spike your hair or even shorter if you’re not into daily styling. The fade is an excellent haircut for any guy wanting a clean-cut look or for men who want to tame unruly and curly hair.

The Classic Side Part

When you think of a side part, you may be reminded of your grandfather, as this was a look many men sported back in the day. The side part is a conservative, clean haircut that features a slick and tight hold on every strand of hair on your head. The side part is the ideal cut for the professional man who wants to be taken seriously or for any guy who wants neat and tidy hair he doesn’t have to fuss with.

The Undercut

The undercut is hair that’s long on the top and front and super short on the sides. The beauty of this haircut is that it’s extremely versatile and there are many ways it can be cut and styled. You can rock this look regardless if you’re hair is curly or straight and the undercut is flattering for most face shapes. You can wear your hair as long as you want in the front, slick your hair back, sport a side part, shave your sides deeply or go gradual. This is a very popular haircut that allows you to have fun as you experiment a bit.

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