Staying informed and in style means more than watching the news and entertainment shows. It means having an expansive and diverse knowledge of trends, news, social media, fashion, and current events, just to name a few. This makes it important to choose the blogs and informational sources you use cautiously, to weed out false information and inaccuracies that can be embarrassing in conversation. So, to help you, 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon has compiled some of the best blogs for men trying to keep in the know.


  • Mark’s Daily Apple – This website is full of information that covers fitness, diet and nutrition, weight loss and more, including recipes.
  • Chad Howse Fitness – The main theme of this blog website is muscle building and fat burning for the hardcore workout and fitness enthusiast.


  • Zen HabitsFor those interested in meditation and spiritual practices this blog provides guidance on the path to inner peace.
  • The Art of ManlinessProviding articles on all stereotypically manly topics, this blog will keep you busy and informed.
  • Gentleman WithinProving that gentlemen do still exist, this website provides all the tips, rules, etiquette, style, and guidance that any modern-day gentleman might possibly need.


  • Style Forum – More than a blog, Styleforum is an all-inclusive website of men’s fashion with forums and reviews to keep you informed.
  • He Spoke Style – For the man who enjoys being stylish and on top of trends you can find articles, style guides, and shop.


  • Money Crashers– This site has been featured in Wall Street Journal, Forbes, U.S. News, Yahoo, CNN, and msnbc making it the financial site for anyone looking to stay financially savvy.
  • 20 Something Finance – This site is full of resources, finance tips, and money-saving ideas that everyone should know.


  • Ape to Gentleman – Filled with grooming and style tips, guidance, and product information, this site will help you create your own personal style.
  • Sharpologist – This blog is focused on all things razor and all the things your father never taught you about shaving.


  • Uncrate – More than just gadgets, this site also includes articles on cars, technology and a host of other unique products.
  • Huckberry – If you are into outdoor activities this is the site for you, with its articles on accessories, gadgets, and apparel for activities from hiking to golf to backyard bar-b-queuing.
  • Manored – Keeping in the know also means keeping up to date with new interior design technology and innovations. This site provides articles full of design and decorating tips.

Now, that you know the best blogs and sites to subscribe to for staying in style and informed, why not kick back for a nice relaxing salon treatment at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon and let us help you maintain your style as you catch up on your reading.