How To Keep Your Professional Image While Working From Home

Social distancing in the battle against COVID-19, whether you believe it exists or not, has brought to fruition some individual’s dreams of working from home. That said, it has also brought to light some of the challenges of working from home, i.e. having the proper software and access to technology, adequate internet speeds, time [...]

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2019 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching you may be at a standstill as to what to get your special lady. Shopping for that special someone doesn’t have to be complicated or overly expensive no matter how long you have been together. All you have to do is observe, think as them, and do some research. Here [...]

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Tips to Help You Enjoy Winter

From Fun Things to do in Morristown to Winter Haircare Tips Wintertime can be particularly damaging to hair and skin. But it doesn’t have to be. Morristown is full of fun entertainment, and indoor activities to keep those curls kempt. And, if you prefer the outdoors even in the frigid winter air, 18|8 Fine [...]

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Let the 2018 Gift Hints Begin!

With the holidays approaching so does that time of year where the gift hints commence. So, then what are the best and greatest gift items of 2018 that you should be placing your strategic bids for? Keep reading and we at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon will catch you up on the coolest trends [...]

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Get Your 2018 Football Season Started Right

Whether you are into college football, the NFL, or English Football (better known as soccer here in the states), you will have to agree that having just the right team gear is essential to any game day party. And, with football season kicking off with a bang, it’s time to get your gear [...]

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Men’s Fall Fashion Trends for 2018

Fashion trends from season to season are easy for women as the fashion industry has been customizing women’s fashion to change with each season for hundreds of years. Men’s fashions, however, have typically shown little to no change from season to season in general until more recent years. So, if you are a man and [...]

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The Best Blogs for Men to Keep them in the Know!

Staying informed and in style means more than watching the news and entertainment shows. It means having an expansive and diverse knowledge of trends, news, social media, fashion, and current events, just to name a few. This makes it important to choose the blogs and informational sources you use cautiously, to weed out false information [...]

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2018 Morristown Men’s Fashion

Every season has its specific mark for exactly how you dress. Summer is a season to grip and have a good time with the extensive, tired sun-filled days. Summer and fashion styles doesn’t go hand in hand for men. To look attractive this summer season really seems impossible as being fashionable comes when the temperature [...]

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Fitness Tips to Get Back into Shape for Summer

As the unpredictable hot to cold to hot temperatures of spring transition into summer, you may be focusing on fitness and shaving off some of those winter pounds to look your best in your summer togs. 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon is always looking for ways to help our customers look their best and to help [...]

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