Renaissance Man – Elon Musk Is The World’s Most Badass CEO

Renaissance Man - Elon Musk Is The World's Most Badass CEO Tesla Motors is riding high right now. It smashed earnings and revenue expectations last week, and just earned the best Consumer Reports score ever for its all-electric Model S sedan. At the helm is CEO Elon Musk, the South African self-made billionaire who is also the CEO of private space venture SpaceX, [...]

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How Elon Musk Hires: ‘It Matters Whether Someone Has A Good Heart’ – Business Insider

How Elon Musk Hires: 'It Matters Whether Someone Has A Good Heart' - Business InsiderTechnology entrepreneur and SpaceX founder Elon Musk told the audience at South by Southwest, a large conference in Austin, the biggest mistake he’s ever made. It has to do with hiring the wrong people. For a long time, Musk says he [...]

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By 2014, Most Companies Will Turn Everyday Tasks Into Games To Make Employees Work Harder

A new report in the Deloitte Review shows how companies are already using gamification to motivate employees and attract consumers. One company, Opower, seeks to make using less energy something that’s social and easy to do. They do it by producing home energy reports that show how much more or less power you used than [...]

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STARTUP FOUNDERS: When It’s OK To Pay Yourself $100K

If you’re running a venture-backed startup, don’t expect to be able to set a high salary for yourself.  One founder who’s getting ready to quit his job and raise a $500,000 seed round asked on Quora: "Is a $100K salary too much for an angel/VC-backed startup co-founder?" He says his co-founder, who’s a software engineer with [...]

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