A new report in the Deloitte Review shows how companies are already using gamification to motivate employees and attract consumers.

One company, Opower, seeks to make using less energy something that’s social and easy to do.

They do it by producing home energy reports that show how much more or less power you used than your neighbours, along with ways to cut down.

The company combines those reports with an online platform where users can share ideas and earn points and badges. All the while, the company is saving people money and producing data that helps utilities promote energy efficiency

It’s coming to your workplace too. In 2011, Facebook began using a social performance platform called Rypple. The platform shows visible goals and objectives on individual profiles, provides real time feedback to employees, and displays badges for accomplishing objectives or gaining skills.  

The key for these programs is to remain authentic; providing awards that nobody cares about, or making real tasks seem frivolous won’t help a business.  

The trend will accelerate dramatically in coming years, becoming a $2.8 billion dollar business by 2016. 70 percent of Global 2000 businesses are expected to incorporate the practice by 2014.