face shape

This is not a tale reserved for the ladies. This isn’t even a tale dedicated to them. No, this is aimed at us men. And the moral of this little story? Be careful what you wish for – especially with your hair.

Picture this: you’re sitting in the movie theater and Clooney’s classic cut, along with his ability to save countless thousands of people in the latest blockbuster, inspires you. You leave said theater and because your hero complex needs some work, you decide to adopt his hairstyle instead. Big mistake.

George’s follicular glory moves and sways in a paparazzi-defying state of persistent awesomeness, while yours struggles to avoid simple selfies on the Side-show-Bob-scale. And why? OK, he’s a handsome dude with a wife who’s championed entire countries at the United Nations, but surely we should be able to replicate at least his hair? And that’s where it all comes tumbling down.

It’s got nothing to do with money and stylists (well, maybe a little). The real reason is much simpler and much closer to home. Face shape, bone structure and hairline. And we’re not talking model qualities here, but simply the ability for your hair to follow the structure of what it’s sitting on.

Natural movement. Remember that. If you go against it you will be fighting to control it and you’ll get an end result that will not make you happy. It’s the sad truth that we all have to deal with. We simply can’t bring in a picture of Will Smith and expect our stylist to recreate it. Our hair may just be a little too, erm, blonde.

Stylists may well have some seriously cool creativity, but they still have to work with the canvas in front of them. And they can’t change face shape or bone structure. What’s important is the shape of your head and how you can fit the hair style around it, while understanding bone structure like cheek bones, jaw line and much more besides.

Natural movement. Yes, we’re back there. It’s a kicker because as a stylist works the hair left to right or right to left or straight down, they have to do it in the direction of the natural movement. Anything else just won’t stick.

Every time they have a pair of scissors in your hair, Eighteen Eight stylists are manipulating movement, so direction is everything and that will really help you when you’re home, so you can manage and easily recreate the style.

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