Is there such as thing as “the perfect cup of coffee?” That’s a bit like asking if there’s such a thing as “the perfect haircut.” Different haircuts suit different lifestyles, face shapes and tastes. The team at 18|8 help you figure out your perfect style just like the barista at your local coffee shop helps you discern what type of coffee you consider to be perfect. Simple really.

This idea about the perfect hair style or the perfect cup of coffee got us thinking about the multitudes of coffee brewing methods available these days, designed for coffee afficionados who prefer to brew up their own beans as opposed to standing in line at a coffee chain. There’s the Italian Bialetti stovetop moka pot. The simple French Press. The luxurious italian expresso machine favored by cafes. The pour-over method favored of late by third wave coffee roasters. Not to mention the siphon, Chemex, and many other space-aged coffee brewing contraptions. There’s also the new cold brewing trend that has picked up steam (or a lack thereof, if you’ll pardon the pun!) in recent years. Plus there is the latte art trend that has become ubiquitous — with lattes, cappuccinos and other frothed milk topped drinks being adorned with pretty leaf or heart-shapes by talented baristas.

Here is a breakdown of the various coffee brewing methods available to successful, coffee-loving men.

Italian Bialetti or Moka Stovetop Espresso Pot

The traditional Italian-style Moka pot is experiencing a bit of a resurgence these days. Coffee enthusiasts like it for many reasons, not least its simplicity, and the adorable gurgling sound it makes as the hot water makes its way from the bottom of the pot up through the finely ground coffee beans and into the top chamber. People are also fans of this simple stovetop device because it is able to produce a pretty exquisite espresso for a lot less than one of those high-end $1,000+ espresso machines.

French Press