UCLA alumnus co-authors “Beyond Genius” renaissance men

Scott Griffiths (right) stands with Frank Nuovo (middle) and David Stewart (left), two of the men featured in his new book “Beyond Genius: The 12 Essential Traits of Today’s Renaissance Men.” BY ASHER LANDAU Scott Griffiths has published best-selling books on art and beer, started a craft beer brand called Rhino Chasers, worked on branding for [...]

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Book Review: The Scientific Sherlock Holmes | Mastermind – WSJ.com

This is a good article to post to our new Facebook site for the book - “Beyond Genius…” - Scott University of MinnesotaSherlock Holmes, the self-proclaimed world’s only consulting detective, is the paragon of clever reasoning, famous for startling leaps of inference. Any of his appurtenances—the deerstalker hat, the pipe, the magnifying glass—is enough to [...]

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