MALCOLM GLADWELL: Kids Today Don’t Understand The Need For Hierarchy

MALCOLM GLADWELL: Kids Today Don't Understand The Need For HierarchyOne of our finest minds Author Malcolm Gladwell appeared at SHRM’s 2012 annual conference in Atlantatoday to talk about generational diversity and how Millennials are different from previous generations. The gist of his argument is that we’re in the middle of a fundamental shift in how people [...]

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Principles of Style: #259 – The proper way to pack your technology for a business trip

    1) Before you leave, make sure that your laptop, phone, iPad, kindle…anything that takes a charge, is actually charged…2) If you plan on working from the road through a VPN…test that you can connect to your company network before you leave for your trip…3) Learn how to tether your laptop to your phone…in case [...]

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Chef Soileau – Braising The Perfect Pot Roast Chef Brannon Soileau of The Culinary Institute of America explains that it’s easy to make a moist, delicious pot roast from an inexpensive cut like a shoulder blade or bottom round — you just need to braise the meat. (Braising means to cook a tough cut of meat in a liquid for a long [...]

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