Once you’ve heard the call of the white rooster, it’s hard to imagine your life without it. And just to be clear, this is not related to that elusive white rabbit; we aren’t channeling Jefferson Airplane here. We’re talking hot sauce — and more specifically, Thai hot sauce.

If you haven’t heard of Sriracha before (though at this point, we’re assuming that most people have), it’s high time that you do. This hot sauce has boomed in popularity the past couple of years, largely thanks to the Huy Fong Company who first introduced it to the U.S. in the 1980s. Equipped with a white rooster logo, they continue to manufacture this insanely popular hot sauce to this day.

Sriracha is traditionally made from chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt. (Note: the Huy Fong Company uses red jalapenos in their version.) In Thailand this condiment is used as a dipping sauce, particularly for seafood; there’s a time and a place for the hot sauce. But, that doesn’t seem to be the case in the U.S. Here, all bets are off.

Those who have been introduced to Sriracha in the U.S. know what happens: complete obsession.