The Secrets of a Great Importer

SEEKING WHERE OTHERS AREN’T | Kermit Lynch at his wine store in Berkeley, Calif. MORE THAN 20 YEARS AGO, Kermit Lynch wrote what may be the best book on the wine business. Equal parts professional insight and Henry James-inspired travelogue, “Adventures on the Wine Route” was not only much praised but has never been out [...]

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Older, Mellower, but Still Woody

Thirty-five years after Alvy Singer obsessed over the universe’s inevitable expansion in “Annie Hall,” Woody Allen is still grappling with the transience of life in his films. In “To Rome With Love,” which opens June 22, he co-stars as a reluctantly retired American opera director who tries to resurrect his former career by convincing his [...]

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The Evolution of the Cool Guy

The Evolution of the Cool Guy

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New Column – Ask Alexa

As an interesting and intriguing man I imagine you have a few techniques to impress and attract women. However, if your approach involves buying her a beer and telling her all about your fantasy football team, you may want to reconsider your style. If your ultimate goal is win, continuously impress, and keep the heart [...]

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Larry Ellison Just Bought An Island — Here’s The Rest Of Planet Earth He Owns – Business Insider

Larry Ellison Just Bought An Island — Here's The Rest Of Planet Earth He Owns - Business Insider-Definitely an 18/8 Man Larry Ellison is fabulously wealthy. And as wealthy people do, he spends a lot of his time buying a lot of extravagent things. Yachts. Mansions. Golf courses. And now Ellison has paid between $500 [...]

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Books You Should Read If You Want To Succeed As An Entrepreneur - Business Insider

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How Apple Stores Exploit Psychology To Get You To Buy – Business Insider

How Apple Stores Exploit Psychology To Get You To Buy - Business InsiderBRILLIANT

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Richard Deibenkorn – America’s Abstract Expressionist

Many of us have had the distinct privilege of having brushed up against greatness.  The lucky few absorb these chance encounters and mix with their own alchemy to become great.  My recent visit to the Deibenkorn exhibit at the Orange County Museum of Contemporary Art conjured up wonderful, rich memories of my brush with greatness, [...]

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