As an interesting and intriguing man I imagine you have a few techniques to impress and attract women. However, if your approach involves buying her a beer and telling her all about your fantasy football team, you may want to reconsider your style. If your ultimate goal is win, continuously impress, and keep the heart of a beautiful and intelligent woman you are going to need MUCH more, you’ll need subtle and useful skills. When I refer to intelligent women I don’t mean a woman with the highest IQ and barely any social skills, but a woman who finds stimulation in an intelligent, even intellectual conversation; who is cultured, confident and has a well considered point of view. A smart woman appreciates a man who can hold a conversation, who’s not afraid to show his culinary skills; one who is humorous, charismatic, and sensitive to her opinions and feelings. Nonetheless, that’s not to say a smart woman is not attracted to good-looking men. Every woman appreciates a man who spends time taking care of himself –and I don’t mean spending an entire day at the spa- but… it may just be that dressing well and learning to master the basic grooming habits can go a long way. In my new column – Ask Alexa, I will be offering you the advice you need to become an 18/8 man, that man who is well-versed and cultured, who knows how to impress and captivate a smart woman, and who wants to be the best that he can be. – Alexa