Genuine anticipation, A-list celebs, superheroes, dinosaurs and Minions – summer 2015 has it all and it’s promising to be quite a fight to see who ends up bringing home the box office gold. This could be the biggest, most entertainment-packed summer ever. So, to get you salivating over Fandango or calculating on Rotten Tomatoes, here’s the first of a two-part guide to what you can expect…

Avengers: Age of Ultron (May 1)
The first out the gate and it’s a whopper. Out in movie theatres already and back in the limelight after a series of spin-offs and TV series, Josh Whedon directs the Avengers once again as they strive to save mankind from the latest menace. Expect New York to get destroyed again, masses of CGI and non-stop action. It’s looking good, if not quite up to the first film.
Verdict: Good but not amazing.

Mad Max: Fury Road (May 15)
This is a reboot that has everyone waiting with bated breath. Directed by the same guy who did the original, Tom Hardy takes on Mel Gibson’s post-apocalyptic thriller in what could be the movie of the summer. Charlize Theron as a skinhead proves that she really could wear a trash bag and look stunning.
Verdict: Blockbusters are defined in this way.

Pitch Perfect 2 (May 15)
Even the coldest heart warmed to the first film and Anna Kendrick’s immeasurable cool brings fun and funk to acapella like never before. Expect more of the same and let’s hope it stacks up because the first Barden Bellas’ outing was unexpectedly great and this film has a lot to measure up to.
Verdict: Feel good fun but might fall short.

Poltergeist (May 22)
Another reboot and this one has really got to go some to get anywhere near the original. We have hope though as it engaged a great screenwriting team, but quite how they