Long hair hasn’t been the sole domain of the ladies for over 40 years. First, hippie’s long locks were indicative of the care-free era and then icons like Robert Redford made it look effortless, rugged and well, just damn cool. The 70’s vibe seemed to totally match the long style, whether it was kids on chopper-style bikes, or Jon Travolta’s wavy long disco chic.

Of course, as much as the 70s personified a new era of style for men, the 1980s went about as far as it could to undo all that was good. Glam rock was here and everything seemed to be a little less about ‘cool’ and a little more about the perm. From New Jersey to Europe, thank God it really was the final countdown for HUGE hair. At least we can look back and say the ladies were just as bad.

The swing from decade-to-decade in men’s hair styles was showing no signs of slowing down in the 90s either. Short, spikey hair was in and Brad Pitt made us all think we could look like that. We could always rely on The Hoff carrying over the long perm, but let’s face it, he’ll probably be looking exactly the same in his leather jacket in 30 years from now. The horror show of 90s hair was undoubtedly the mullet – the least