Let’s face it, most men could really benefit from a little more conscientious brow-grooming. All you need might be to trim, tweeze an errant hair or two, in between appointment at your local Eighteen Eight. Your goal is a clean, masculine look that is simple for you to maintain. Think of it like getting a fresh haircut: it will make you look sharp, confident and like you are completely on top of your game.

If you have especially thick brows, you might be able use a beard trimmer. Otherwise, test out brow scissors for precision. Brush your brows up – use your fingers if you like – and then target the hairs that stand out longer than the others. Trim horizontally, carefully and slowly. This may be all you need to do to immediately notice a positive effect. But make sure this is maintenance between appointments – it’s true to say that some of us are not that skilled when it comes to self-maintenance and the last thing you want is the eyebrow-missing-bachelor-party-look!

Tweezing lets you see progress and move carefully with lots of steps back from the mirror to assess. First, thin out the middle. Start by tweezing out single hairs, beginning with any random thicker hairs. Leave the finer ones for a more rugged look. That’s right, you want to tame the uni-brow, but you don’t have to eliminate all the hairs in the middle.

There’s no need to create an elaborate shape or arch, either. Target a straight or slightly curved line by taking hairs only from the outside of your main brow outline.Invest in quality tools. Good tweezers make the job quick and easy because they firmly grasp the hair without slipping. Try Tweezerman Slant Tweezers. Also, tweeze right after you come out of the shower so your hair follicle is relaxed and the hair will slide out easier and clo