Fitness Trends

“I hate the gym”. Ahh, the familiar cry of the procrastinator. The subset of homo sapiens who would rather sit in a bar than muster up the motivation required to walk to the gym, let alone put in a solid workout. We can relate. But bicep boredom has no place in modern fitness. Gone are the days when we could deflect with “I prefer competitive sports. The gym’s just too boring”. Hot off the energetic heels of 2014, this year’s fitness trends are all about engagement and bespoke services.

Just as SoulCycle took spinning to a new, fun (and somewhat crazy) level last year (and shows no sign of slowing down), this year fitness is tailored to you. Forget about $100 a month for a gym in which you’ll never use all the services. Now you can select from a menu of classes and services that suit you. Stretching the point (and your muscles) even further, ‘hybrid classes’ are rising in popularity, where someone with a combined degree in Sports Science and Sadism, mixes two agonizing workouts into one, attracting thousands of Lulelemon-clad aerobaholics, as well as the interrogators at Gitmo.

For some inexplicable reason, gymnastic rings are trending. That’s our way of saying that it’s supposedly a trend in men’s fitness but we have neither seen any proof of this, nor have we any buddies who could possibly entertain such an arm-stretching idea. According to a recent report in Men’s Health, rings, ring pull-ups and running (!!!) are all 2015’s biggest fitness bugs.

What we can report on with confidence is that on-demand streaming classes are on the rise. Massively so. Choose exactly the class you want, at any time, and have it streamed into your living room so you can prance, jump, push and pull your way to body-toned glory, all while the dog looks on in utter astonishment.

Now let’s turn that tech angle up a notch. To eleven. Because 2015 is really all about ‘wearable tech’. You’ve heard the phrase, you know Apple have something to do with it and that Jawbone and Fitbit have been banging on the door for well over a year now, but this year it’s going to explode. Also, bet your bottom dollar that this is not a trend that’s going to peak anytime soon. The Apple Watch is just the first shot across the bows. The arma