Fashion may not change as fast for men as for women (thankfully), there are some new looks coming this fall. If you’re ready to get a head start for the biggest looks, read on.

Grey. Or Gray. (Tomayto, Tomahto)

The biggest color of the season was grey. And it showed up everywhere, from suits to tracksuits. Every shade of grey ranging from cloudy to charcoal showed up, so feel free to acquire any that call to you. If you’re feeling extra advanced in your fashion fu, mix the different shades together in one outfit.

No, Really: Green Pants

The second biggest color of the season was green. No particular shade again, but definitely a particular place: pants. Step away from the Riddler or mint hues for this, and go instead for rich, deep shades like hunter or forest. They pair well with a cool blazer or chunky sweater.

Baggy trousers

Keep the fit of those dark green pants loose this season. After years of slim cuts, designers have swung the other way. Not quite to a 70s flare, but definitely higher waisted and more billowy cut.

Big Pockets

This is a relief for every man who wants to keep his iPad mini near at hand. You may not even need a tote or messenger bag anymore. Giant pockets are everywhere, frequently as the focal point of the look, especially if it’s outerwear.

Patches and Squares

Patterns are big overall, but patches or colored squares are HUGE. Literally and trend wise. Big, bold blocks appear everywhere from jeans to jackets and everything in between. This can be a rugged look, or more metropolitan; choose your own adventure here.


It’s a classic for a reason – it’s functional, practical, warm and looks good. Mostly it’s showing up in the standard coat lining, but look for shearling also on bags, sweaters and even sneakers. Which makes it an excellent choice if we get another Arctic freeze this year.

All right, so you’re ready to brave the stores or let your fingers do the buying online. Carpe Vestimentum! (That’s “Seize the Clothing!”)

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