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Creativity can seem complicated, paradoxical and unknowable. Neuroscience has broken down the right/left brain dichotomy where the right brain is responsible for creativity and the left side for rational thought. No, the other left! But creativity is a fusion of cognitive processes, personality traits, habits and societal influences. So while there is no one creative type, there are a constellation of behaviors that can help you build creativity as a skill.

In this latest 18|8 blog, let’s have a look at making creativity a habit:

1. Rise and Shine

Not everyone is a morning person and not every creative person is a morning person. However, in researching “¬Daily Rituals: How Artists Work”, editor Mason Currey found that full one third of the 161 people featured in the book woke at 7 a.m. or even earlier. Working early in the morning is a respected method to fit creativity into a busy life and ensure you are making your creative work a priority. To build the habit of early to bed and early to rise, simply stick with it. Resist the siren call of the afternoon nap in favor of going to bed at a set (early!) time every day and rolling out of bed to the alarm before you’ve had time to argue yourself out of it. Hey, if Hemingway could r