Second Hair

The alarm goes off and you suddenly realize that it’s actually the 3rd time you’ve hit snooze. That 45 minute window you had to get up leisurely and leave for work is now 15 minutes and you gotta run!

A quick sprint into the bathroom and the apparition staring back in the mirror looks like a cross between an 80s Glam Rock look and Dr. Emmett Brown. Your ‘bed hair’ is truly spectacular and you’ve got to pull a rabbit out of the hat. What do you do? Well a lot is going to depend on your hair type, but you could try one of the following:

Creamy control
A creamy styling product like American Crew’s Forming Cream or Grooming Cream can be a great way to get your locks under control. But if it starts out a real mess and your hair is unlikely to sit and stay, then wet your hair a little first before you apply the product. If your hair is frizzy, the cream will help retain moisture in the hair, tame it and get you that cool, lived-in, soft second and third day look.

Splash and dash
If you use product in your hair normally,especially gum or paste products like the great American Crew Fiber, then you should be able to wet your hair and the leftover product from the day before will reactivate the product and you can style it again quickly. For thin hair, a quick blow dry could assist in your styling.

Truly unruly
Sometimes your sleep will have been less tossing and turning and more crash out and collapse (no judgement, we’ve all been there!) In those times you’ll probably end up with creases in your hair. There’s only one thing for it, jump in the shower super fast and rinse. Apply product like the high hold Molding Clay , jump in the car and your hair will dry how you want it too. Goodbye me