1. Go through a woman’s purse.
  2. Go to her salon.

Why? Because a man’s hair needs to be finessed in such a way that he can manage it himself without the help of a curling iron or Brazilian blow out.

After all, a woman’s hair salon doesn’t quite have a firm grip about the hair that magically spurts out of places men were never properly warned about.

And why would a woman’s hair salon truly care about the peculiarities of a man’s hair growth? Or loss? Or thinness? Or how, and why, a man’s hair grays at a much different pace than hers?

How ‘bout the difference between a manicure, and a “MAN-icure?”

At 18|8, we’ve been wondering those same questions. Which is why we pride ourselves as a full service, fine men’s hair salon that caters, understands, and cares about the specific genetic styling and grooming needs of a man.

And, most importantly, a salon that services his need to look his very best, so he can be his very best.