Cities With The Best-Dressed Men

Cities With The Best-Dressed MenBe an 18/8 Man! - Scott Menswear is a retail segment on the rise, but some cities have been quicker to embrace new style trends than others. Custom suitmaker Arden Reed found the best-dressed cities in America when it comes to men’s fashion, looking at regional Google search results for “men’s [...]

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Klein Epstein & Parker- Contemporary Custom Clothiers

Klein Epstein & Parker- Contemporary Custom ClothiersThese guys really have a very interesting business model and is being used as a case study in my class at Pepperdine for my MBA students - Scott

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The Big Black Book’s Essentials for Fall 2012 Read more: Men’s Clothes Fall 2012 – The Big Black Book’s Essentials for Fall 2012 – Esquire

Wondering how to look your best this fall.. check out these latest trends! -Alexa >

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What Does Your Shoe Say About You?

What Does Your Shoe Say About You? I’m told, women start at the shoes and work their way up.. Better think twice before strapping on that ratty old pair of kicks. Get this: After looking at photos of shoes, college students at the University of Kansas could accurately ballpark the owners’ age, gender, income, and [...]

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At 100, the Zegna textile firm and suit maker is looking good

Business acumen and a feel for fashion are key to surging into 21st century. The Italian textile manufacturer and men’s suit maker Ermenegildo Zegna is scheduled to bring its yearlong, peripatetic centennial celebration to its Beverly Hills store on Tuesday. At almost exactly the same time, New York Fashion Week hits full stride about 3,000 [...]

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How A Company Started By Former Bankers Is Changing Men’s Fashion

A few weeks ago, I meet the President of, Veeral Rathod, at a First Growth Venture Network Event. J Hilburn makes custom shirts, pants, and suits.  I thought the concept was interesting, but when Veeral told me that over 97% of his company’s 2,000 employees were women, I had to dig deeper.  It’s not everyday [...]

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