Fifteen Stylish Gifts for Under $100

Smart, affordable upgrades for your brother, your coworker, your friend — or pretty much any other guy on your list this year. Plus, an abundance of clever gift ideasfor everyone on the shopping list.

December 31st, 2012|The MANifesto|0 Comments

More Than a Box

A humidor is a good investment, even for the occasional cigar indulger    The Davidoff Macassar Dome FOR MOST FOLKS, sparking up a stogie is only a sometimes thing, reserved for special occasions—the birth of a child, a wedding or having successfully returned from the Caribbean with a computer case filled with (wink, wink) “exotic” [...]

June 26th, 2012|The MANifesto|0 Comments

Whiskey Stones: A new clink in your drink.

Whiskey Stones: A new clink in your drink! I love a fine single malt scotch from a fine Baccarat Tumbler.  I even make my ice cubes out of purified water, so there is no unpleasant impurities as the single cube cools the fire.  However, what I don’t like is the dilution of the scotch that [...]

March 16th, 2012|The MANifesto|0 Comments
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