Let’s start with that elephant in the room: grooming does not mean metrosexual. In fact, that awful M-word should be done, dusted and confined to the archives of senile syntax. Grooming is in and it’s here to stay.

Grooming by its very nature does not mean the over application of a million products daily. It’s a sliding scale and what’s right for you may not be best practice for your buddies.

Here at 18 | 8, we understand exactly what you need to accomplish in our fine men’s salons and precisely what you need to take home to keep your look fresh and your skin healthy. Things are not what they used to be: today we’re battered by food additives, air conditioning and all manner of things, none of which help with the aging process or your body’s wellbeing.

Moisturizing your face and hands is no longer a question of lathering on dollops of white cream that make you smell like you ate your girlfriend’s potpourri. These days we have products that have been designed specifically for men. And the shocker? You’ll actually enjoy using them. Our GO 247 Men’s range let’s you get in on the act without feeling like you’re a prisoner in a spa.

Manicures and pedicures are also not