by RACHEL LEE, Redmond Reporter Contributor
Aug 21, 2015 at 1:00PM

18|8 Redmond

Steve Nordeen, owner, with Theresa Shelton, store manager, at 18|8 men’s salon in Redmond. – Courtesy of Rachel Lee

With a slogan that lists what men should never do as “one, you don’t go through your wife’s purse and two, you don’t go to her salon,” the 18|8 franchise has opened its first salon in Washington state under owner Steve Nordeen.

Located in downtown Redmond at 16325 Cleveland St., 18|8 is a salon dedicated solely for male clients.

The of franchise name 18|8 has its origins in the chemical formula of stainless steel: 18 parts chromium, eight parts nickel, which, when mixed with iron, form stainless steel.

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