Learn how to Fight

Fighting is terrifying and risky, even if you win. But it’s also essentially primitive and peculiarly rousing if you learn martial arts. These sounds completely unrelated, but it actually does a lot helping you build your confidence:

  • They’re addictive.
  • They help you keep shape.
  • They’re steady and iterative.
  • They’re long-term and never-ending (there’s no finish line).

While drilling in jiu-jitsu, I thought about Paul a lot. Paul was a weak, fragile kid. His father actually came to him and was like, ‘You’ve got a great mind but a very weak body, and a strong mind can’t do what it needs to do with a weak body.’ But Paul didn’t just exercise and lift dumbbells. It was about testing himself bodily all through his life. Learning how to fight especially learning jiu-jitsu and martial arts are the purest lingos of that notion. They’re as simple as it gets. The drill can be exasperating, timewasting, and exclusive but they have huge effects on masculinity and confidence, and they are totally worth chasing. Confident men are men of action and men of action are confident men. The man that acts on his convictions is never short in confidence. A highly esteemed man puts himself apart from others by exploiting his whole body to communicate his winning mentality. Notwithstanding the situations, a man needs to know and follow his path to be in touch with his masculine core. Moreover, preserving a strong body is an important part of being a man. Edifying bodily strength via learning how to fight will show itself in intellectual sturdiness and strong point of character. Do not neglect this important masculine duty.