You know that trusty comb that you’ve always used to style your hair? Well you may have been using the wrong type of comb for your hair this entire time. Take it from your men’s grooming and styling experts here at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon of Westwood, using the right comb on your hair can mean the difference between getting that perfect style to looking like a mess. Check out our guide to choosing the right comb, so you can always look your best, and feel even better.

For Control – Wide Tooth Comb

Wide tooth combs are designed for people with large amounts of hair, with the spacing between the teeth allowing that hair to easily flow through. If you have thick, curly, or tangled hair, this should be your main comb of choice. Whether you’re just getting out of the shower with wet hair, or you’re just waking up in the morning and your hair is extra messy, the wide tooth comb will settle things down and allow you to take control of your look.

For Precision – Fine Tooth Comb

Fine teeth combs are perfect for those looking for that simple and clean look with every hair perfectly settled in place. However, this kind of comb isn’t for everyone, especially those with long, thick, or tangled hair, since it may be difficult to run through your hair and you’ll probably end up pulling out more hair than you’d probably like to. If you have shorter, finer hair, this type of comb is perfect for creating those clean, precise lines when you’re styling your hair.

If you really are dedicated to that straight and clean look but you do have more difficult hair, you can always start with a wide tooth comb to setting things down before switching over to the fine tooth comb.

For Versatility – The Pocket Comb

No matter what kind of hair you have, the pocket comb has exactly what you need, with the added benefit of being designed for the guys on the go who need to fix their hair up in a hurry. Half wide-tooth, and half fine-tooth, you can switch between the two sides as necessary.  If you know your hair and your style, you may benefit from having either a fine or wide tooth comb instead of a pocket comb so you can have more control either way, but having one of these can never hurt, just in case at least.

For Overabundance – Tail Comb

The tail comb is a wonderful styling tool, but has the very unfortunate nickname of the “rat-tail comb”.  The tail comb gets its name from the long, thin handle that is designed for guys with longer hair in mind. You can use the tail of the comb for sectioning off hair as you see fit in the styling process, to help you manage all of that hair and create that perfect style.

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