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18|8 Fine Men’s Salon of Westwood has just what you need to give your style the boost in your confidence that you’ve been looking for. We offer professional hair coloring services just for men, so you have complete control of your look.  Look sharp and feel like a true modern gentleman with 18|8.

We have professional stylists ready to help you look your best, so just choose from our coloring services below and schedule your appointment with us!

Men’s Hair Coloring: (Starting from $75)

With hair coloring, the limit to your choices depends on your imagination. Whether you want to change your hair color completely or just enhance your natural hair color, we can help you control your look so it matches your personal style and you can look how you’ve imagined yourself. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a change and you’re not sure exactly what color you’re looking for, schedule an appointment with one of our professional stylists, and they’ll guide you through your options, and give you some expert styling advice and what may work best for you so you can look your best.  We offer both permanent & non-permanent coloring options so you have the option to either experiment with different color styles or stick with the one color that works best for you.

Professional Grey Blending: (Starting from $40)

Grey hair is commonly covered up with normal hair coloring, but many guys embrace the grey as a style choice since it can create a distinguished and experienced look. The key to this style is keeping the grey under control with professional grey blending at 18|8 Westwood. Our expert stylists will use advanced blending techniques to mix the grey with your natural hair color, which will only show your grey color in small areas to have the perfect balance between the two. The coloring that we use is semi-permanent, meaning that the color will fade as opposed to growing out, reducing the visibility of your roots between your blending appointments.

Beard Coloring & Blending: (Starting from $37)

When you put all of that time and effort into growing the perfect beard, it should look perfect too. If you color your hair, you don’t want your beard to have a different color than the hair on your head. That’s why we offer beard coloring, which will bring out the natural color of your beard and match your hair perfectly.

Hair Highlights: (Starting from $100)

Highlights make for a more dynamic style choice, creating a stark contrast that will grab attention, while also complimenting your natural hair color. You can choose between either subtle or pronounced highlights, which both create unique styles. Our expert stylists can guide you so you can make the best choice and you can achieve the style that you want. Consult your stylist for a specific price quote based on your current hair and desired outcome.

Chemical Relaxer Treatment: (Starting from $100)

While some guys have it easy with hair that lays flat and straight, others have it a little more difficult with unruly hair that stands up on its own, grows out in every direction, or is just naturally curly. A professional chemical relaxer treatment is perfect for taming that unruly head of hair. With 18|8’s signature relaxer formula, even the craziest hair can achieve a straight, controlled look so you can look like a true, classy gentleman.

Executive Color Package: (Starting from $125-$139)*

Enjoy our men’s hair coloring treatment paired with our signature Executive style haircut, for a sharp and perfectly styled look.

Take Control Of Your Style With 18|8 Westwood

At 18|8 of Westwood. we have everything you need to look your best. We have a full selection of professional salon and barbershop services that are designed just for men, along with a luxury salon experience that you’ll find nowhere else. We proudly serve all guys from Westwood, Canton, Sharon, Walpole, Dedham, Medfield and the surrounding areas. So book your appointment with us today! Just book online, or just by giving us a call at (781) 917-3333.



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